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About Christine Winscott

Christine Winscott grew up in the Chicagoland area never roaming too far from a pencil, creative idea or opportunity. The legendary "Midwest work ethic" took hold of her before college did so she began her journey of hands on learning. She worked for a local graphic design firm as well as her family's engraved stationary business. After a few years she moved on to a small offset printing company and learned all about the printing process. Christine was given her first Apple desktop computer while working as the Creative Director for a downtown jazz club, The Moosehead Bar & Grill. After realizing that computers were the future, she taught herself Adobe, Corel and QuarkXpress. She took her new-found knowledge into the newspaper printing industry and was able to help clients cross over from traditional layout to digital files. In 2000 Christine started Winscott Studios, Inc., focusing on graphic design and photography for kid gyms, dance studios, cheer groups, hockey tournaments and elementary schools. In 2010 she was introduced to fired arts and for the next eight years added carving custom designs into wet clay to her repertoire. Having the opportunity to illustrate the Kathryn The Grape children's book series was a life changing experience for Christine. In 2017 Christine moved to Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 of her 3 children.